How to get your footy on the black market

Posted May 16, 2018 06:12:08 A backpacker is likely to find a cheaper, more versatile way to travel to and from a local sporting event than from a ticket booth.

That’s because, unlike the ticket, a ticket can be cancelled, refunded or replaced at a later date.

If the backpacker doesn’t want to leave the country, it’s a bit more expensive.

But the key is to ensure they can get to the event and back, if possible.

That is the job of a backpacker, according to the National Rugby League Association (NRL).

The league’s chief executive, David Gallop, said the sport’s biggest sponsors and most loyal fans were “trying to get into the backpackers market”.

“It’s a very exciting market for the NRL, but the bottom line is the sport needs a market in which it can compete effectively,” he said.

“But what we have to do is ensure the game stays in the backpack market.” “

The NRL’s main backpacker events include the NSW and Queensland Cup. “

But what we have to do is ensure the game stays in the backpack market.”

The NRL’s main backpacker events include the NSW and Queensland Cup.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is keen to encourage backpackers to attend and said she wants to see more of them on the field.

The NSW Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the country and attracts an average of about 5,000 backpackers each year.

Ms Berejkulian has been in touch with AFL officials, who are keen to expand the game’s reach.

“I have had a number of discussions with AFL and the NRL about whether it is a good idea to expand our season and whether there is a place in the game for backpackers,” she said.

The NRL wants to encourage more backpackers “and to provide them with opportunities that will bring them into the game and make it a bit of a regular thing for them to do”.

But the league’s executive director of corporate development, David O’Connor, said it was important to maintain the backpack club’s status as a viable sporting community.

“The game needs to maintain its role as a recognised community that attracts and sustains the backpack community,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“It has a big cultural and social component to it, which is why we want to have it grow in terms of participation and it needs to be a vibrant, attractive and diverse part of the community.”

He said the NRL was considering offering incentives to players who take part in a backpack game or sponsored by the NRL.

“If we can help those backpackers that we’re supporting to go on and do something more meaningful and valuable for the game, then it will create an incentive for the community,” Mr O’Connors said.

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