How the new M&P15 handgun fits into the modern world

Modern handguns are a modern marvel.

They’re easy to put together, easy to use, and, thanks to a slew of accessories, they offer a range of modern and classic options.

They offer an option for a traditional revolver.

And they make the modern gun shooter look like a teenager.

But in recent years, a new type of handgun has come along that has become increasingly popular: the AR-15 rifle.

AR-like rifles are generally made by the U.S. military and have been a staple of military combat since the Second World War.

It’s a platform that can be used in many ways.

And with the advent of the AR platform, the military is increasingly embracing the tool in order to improve its own capabilities.

The gun industry has had plenty of opportunity to capitalize on AR-style rifles in the past few years, and this is a major step forward.

But it’s not all about AR-type rifles.

There’s another group of guns that are now being produced using the AR platforms that offer a whole new set of options for modern shooters.

These are the modern firearms.

Here’s how they work The first modern AR-platform rifle, the AR15, came out in 2011.

It was an inexpensive, low-power rifle that allowed the user to shoot multiple rounds per second.

The rifle was meant for urban warfare and close quarters combat.

But by the end of 2015, AR-series rifles were hitting the market, with the AR10 (which is still in production) and AR15.

These rifles are a huge upgrade over the older, simpler AR rifles.

The AR15 is an upgrade to the AR.

It has a longer barrel, a bigger gas tube, and a shorter rail.

It also has a lower trigger pull.

In fact, the gun’s trigger pull is a lot lighter than the previous rifle’s.

But the biggest advantage the AR 15 has over the AR 10 is that it’s lighter than most other AR rifles, so it’s easier to carry.

It weighs a lot less than other modern AR rifles like the AR556 and AR938.

AR rifles are designed to be lighter, more maneuverable, and less cumbersome than most handguns.

ARs are also designed to take advantage of modern optics, making them a great choice for shooting indoors or outdoors.

For many shooters, ARs have been used as a tactical weapon.

Many AR rifles also have a wide range of options when it comes to accessories, including magazines, optics, and sights.

And for many shooters it’s easy to customize a AR with a number of accessories.

The accessories available to AR shooters are plentiful.

You can choose from a number that are designed specifically for ARs, and they are all affordable.

For example, the Magpul MOE Tactical Magpula comes with a detachable buttstock and an optic rail, a scope mount, and the MagPul Grip for use with an AR-compatible optic.

You could also get a scope or optic adapter from Magpuls Tactical Optics, and there are many options out there for optics that work with the Mag Pul MOEs.

For the shooter who wants to make the most of an AR rifle, there are several accessories out there to help with the look of the gun.

There are a number popular AR accessories that are built to be easy to install.

These include the AR pistol grip and the AR handguard, and you can find accessories that come with these grips.

And there are also AR-specific grips that come on the market like the Tactical Mag Pads.

But there are other accessories out for AR-based guns that aren’t meant to be put on the AR in a way that makes it look like an AR.

These options include the tactical grips and the magpul handguards, and AR-spec handguards and magpuls.

AR is the most popular weapon platform for AR rifles and AR pistols.

AR platforms are made to be light and easy to carry, with a long barrel that is easy to handle.

This is the same advantage that makes the AR rifle so popular, but the AR AR platform is also designed with the user in mind.

There is no need to change the AR frame for an AR platform.

There isn’t a need to add a new rail for an arm that is already in place.

There aren’t any changes to the rifle itself to make it more suitable for an assault rifle.

This means that you can put a new, modern AR rifle on the shelf, with an easy-to-install AR-standard handguard and a MagPu tactical optic.

If you want to add accessories, the accessories are available in the same ways that you would a traditional AR rifle.

The standard AR pistol grips and MagPula handguards are available for an affordable price.

They are also compatible with the newer AR-supplied optics that are available on the MagPUS line of optics.

The MagPUD line of AR-compatibility optics are also available

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