‘I think this is the year’: Leather van owners take joy in 2017’s leather holiday

A holiday season full of memories and a new look for some of the world’s most iconic brands has been declared a “lost” year in the leather business by some of America’s most passionate leather enthusiasts.

The 2017 Leather Holiday Report, an annual survey of U.S. leather goods retailers, shows a number of brands are in decline, including brands that had been enjoying high sales and strong brand recognition.

The report, conducted by independent research firm Luxury Leather, also says a majority of retailers surveyed said they were seeing a decline in sales of their leather goods, despite the growth of new luxury products.

Many retailers are still selling products made with leather that is made from the animal, but not from leather from China, according to the report, which was released this week.

Many of the new products made in the U.K. from recycled materials and animal leather are made with a synthetic leather, the report found.

This means they are still made with materials from a factory that uses animals for labor and is a violation of the Humane Slaughter Act, which bans animal abuse and exploitation in leather.

Luxury Leather president Andrew Stryk says the report is “the most comprehensive look” at how the industry is doing since it was launched in 2003.

He said that the 2017 report shows a marked change in the way the industry works.

It’s not just a few brands that are doing this. “

The industry is trying to move toward an environmentally friendly future.

It’s not just a few brands that are doing this.

There are many of these other big brands that have been doing this.”

A number of manufacturers are starting to invest in better processes to make leather, and they are looking at how to make more products using less animal material, Stryks says.

It is also important to understand that the industry’s growth has been driven by a new kind of consumer, he says.

Many consumers are starting their leather holidays by buying leather gifts for friends and family, and buying them online, he said, and those shoppers are buying more products from the same companies.

“That’s the big issue, the big challenge, is that people are buying from a large number of companies, many of them from China,” Strykos said.

The report finds that the majority of retail sales are made from imported products from China.

“When you look at the industry as a whole, we are actually the top importer of leather goods in the world,” Stysk said.

“China accounts for 70 percent of the demand for leather goods and it’s the largest consumer of leather in the United States.

We have an enormous amount of demand for our products.”

A report from the U-K.

Leather Association found that imports of American leather goods rose 10 percent in 2017 from the previous year.

The organization estimates the industry will add an estimated 30 million tons of goods to the global market by 2020.

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