When will we see the new Wilson Leather Jacket?

A new Wiltsons leather jacket that was unveiled in July was officially revealed at the 2017 Hollywood Premiere of the movie The Big Short.

The new leather jacket was designed by designer Wilson, and was modeled on the original Wilson leather coat that the actor wore in the movie.

Wilson was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and said, “I have this amazing, unbelievable leather jacket and I’m wearing it in this movie, and the idea was to have a very cool look that was cool, but also very stylish and modern.”

Wilson said that the leather jacket is “very much the original look,” which is why he wanted it to be unique.

The designer has also designed other suits that he says are “totally iconic.”

The designer has been collaborating with actor Will Smith on several occasions, including for the actor’s first two feature films, Big Sean and The Loved One.

It was also recently revealed that Smith has been working with Wilson on the brand’s new line of suits, which include a “dressed-up” jacket.

In May, Wilson announced that he would be launching a new line called Wilson Lifestyle, which will include a new range of jackets.

Wilsons newest line of clothing includes a new leather coat, a leather jacket made from a piece of fabric from the planet Earth and a suit made of “diverse materials.”

You can read the full interview with Wilsson below:

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