Leather otto’s ‘pu leather’ rug is a great choice for any home

A collection of inexpensive faux leather chairs from a Japanese company has landed a cult following among fans of the popular tufted rug.

The rug is available at the Chinese-made company Pu Leather Ottoman for about $65.

Its makers say the faux leather is comfortable to wear and durable.

The company says the rug is suitable for a variety of situations, including “any home where there is limited floor space.”

The brand’s founder and CEO, Tetsuya Yoshikawa, told The Wall Street Journal the product is designed to “create an elegant and contemporary design that reflects the personality of its owner.”

But there’s some controversy surrounding the material, and its maker says the material has been used in “many other products.”

Some critics say the leather could be a cheap way to sell the rug, even if the brand is not.

The Wall Street Journos story, for instance, found that a recent batch of faux leather cushions sold for about 2,400 yuan ($32).

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