How to find the perfect leather sleeper sofa

A leather sleeper, one of the most affordable and luxurious options for a sleeper, has been added to the luxury sleeper list.

The latest edition of the Oxford Leathers luxury sleeper, which sells for £10,000 ($14,974), comes in five different colors: light brown, light gray, dark brown and dark gray.

The brand, founded by British-born designer Peter Toth, debuted the sleeper at the 2014 London Fashion Week, where it was the only new product at the event.

“The idea for the sleeper was born out of our desire to create a comfortable, lightweight and stylish sleeper that would appeal to both men and women, and also be a luxury piece of furniture for the modern world,” Toth said in a statement.

The leather sofa, which is the product of a partnership between Oxford Leather, a luxury furniture retailer, and UK luxury furniture chain The Loft, uses a custom-made fabric that uses an ink-based dye to create its look.

“This unique, ink-dye-based fabric allows us to create an unparalleled blend of color, warmth, and comfort,” the brand said.

The Oxford Leather Sleeper is a slightly larger version of the classic Oxford Comfort, which was launched in 2015.

“In our quest to create the most luxurious and comfortable sleeper available, we sought out the best leather, and it is a very important part of the fabric,” Tith said in the statement.

“So, the Oxford Comfort has evolved into the Oxford Sleeper, which retains all of the features of the original and combines them with a new, unique blend of warmth, comfort and quality.”

Toth said that the new Oxford Sleper was inspired by the “luxury of the past,” and was meant to be a timeless piece of design.

“For many of us, it’s a symbol of the power of technology, our freedom, and our ability to innovate,” he said.

“We wanted a comfortable and luxurious way to sleep, and to achieve this goal we took inspiration from the luxury of the Victorian era, which included a range of innovative and beautiful designs.”

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