Australian wool dye industry under fire after backlash over alleged abuse of workers

More than a dozen workers were arrested over the alleged abuse in April, and the ABC has learned that some of the accused have been on the receiving end of harsh treatment from their employer.

An internal inquiry by Woolworths revealed that it was forced to cut back on the number of workers it employed because of concerns about how the practice of dyeing animals was being used.

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

It is understood that the allegations are not related to a recent labour court case that involved a Woolworth’s employee who was charged with assaulting another employee, who is also an animal welfare officer.

“The alleged behaviour of a number of Woolworth employees was not in line with Woolworth and we were deeply saddened that some colleagues felt they had to speak out to defend their employment,” Woolworth said in a statement on Monday.

The Woolworth statement said the company has “reassured employees that we take this matter very seriously and will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards any of our employees”.

The company has been forced to cancel plans to begin stocking all its Australian products in New Zealand.

On Monday, it said it had “no plans to restart Australian operations”.

“It is important to note that Woolworth will not be reopening Woolworth Australia,” the statement said.

‘We’re all really proud’The company’s decision to stop stocking Australian wool was applauded by the animal welfare group Animals Australia.

Acting director of animal welfare, Jane MacGregor, said Woolworth was “all too often failing its employees and workers in general” and “a shame” to the industry.

“This is a huge win for Australian workers who are paid the lowest wages in the world and for those who are struggling to survive,” she said.

“But it’s also a win for Woolworth, a win that will make a huge difference for animals and people across the country.”

“Woolies is a global leader in animal welfare and Woolies decision to not continue stocking Australian products is a welcome sign for our global industry.”

Animal welfare group has criticised Woolworth for failing to change its practice and not following the standards of animal cruelty in Australia.

“Wools policies to avoid the use of animals in its supply chains have been found to be unlawful by the Fair Work Ombudsman, and Woolworth has been found by the Australian Animal Welfare Commission to have breached its own standards on animal welfare,” the group said in its statement.

More than 1,000 Woolworth workers and their families have been laid off in the past year, with some taking on more than $100,000 in debts, after the company was hit by a global downturn in the value of the Australian dollar.

Australia’s largest wool supplier is facing a fresh backlash from animal welfare activists, after a number workers have come forward alleging abuse at the company’s Melbourne factory.

In a letter to Woolworth today, Australian animal rights group Animal Equality said it was appalled by Woolies response.

Its letter said the group was “deeply troubled” by the allegations against Woolies workers, who are all from overseas.

Among the allegations in the letter is that workers have been threatened and subjected to physical and verbal abuse at Woolies factory, with one woman reporting a man telling her “You are my bitch”.

Animal Equality said the letter was sent by one of the workers to Woolies headquarters in Melbourne, but Woolies has not responded to its inquiry.

Animal equality says the company is failing to address worker safety concerns and is failing the Australian public.

Ms MacGregar said Woolies was “disgusting” and should not be allowed to continue operating in Australia, given its alleged failure to protect animals.

Read more about Woolies: The company is also facing pressure from animal rights groups, after it came under fire for the treatment of animals at its Woolworth plant in Queensland last year.

As part of a recall, Woolies announced it would stop selling wool from Australia, citing concerns over the safety of the product.

According to a report from the ABC, a Woolies worker who worked on the plant said workers were beaten and forced to perform animal tricks and dance in the yard to the sound of animal sounds.

However, the company claimed it had no record of any of the alleged incidents.

While Woolies said it would “take the safety and wellbeing of our customers and associates very seriously”, animal welfare groups say the company needs to change if it wants to continue in the wool industry.

“[Woolys] should take responsibility for its actions and be held accountable for them,” Ms MacGregour said.

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