Man who had to get new gun because of ‘no leather work’ gloves in the US says he will soon get them

A man who had no leather work to his name in his home country of Honduras had to go to the US to buy a new handgun after the Obama administration stopped issuing the type of gun it had previously issued to other Latin American countries.

The man, who goes by the name “K” in the official report, had his firearms license revoked by the US in 2013 for having no leather working gloves on, even though the US has been a destination for a large number of Honduran migrants since the early 1990s.

K is an ethnic Honduran who is one of several thousands of Hondurans who have arrived in the United States over the last decade.

He says he was not sure how to get a new gun and the ATF did not give him any guidance on how to buy one.

K said the ATF told him to go and get a gun at a gun show in Los Angeles, which he agreed to.

But when he arrived, he found he had to walk across a field to get to a gun store, which was located a few miles away.

“I asked the man who told me to get the gun, he said he couldn’t give me the gun.

And so, I had to tell him the situation,” said K. “So I just got the gun and I asked if I could get a loan on the gun so I could go back home.”

After a lot of searching and searching and he finally found someone who said he could get him a gun.

The loan was $1,500 and he was able to buy the gun at an ATF gun show and the gun was delivered to him.

But it took another month for the gun to be shipped to K’s home country.

After that, K had to give up on his new weapon, saying he didn’t want to give his family any more trouble, so he left the country.

The ATF did, however, issue the Glock handgun to another man who is a Honduran national and the new Glock handgun has since been issued to K.

In the report, ATF officials said K’s story is a typical case of a Honduran migrant who was told he had no choice but to get an illegal firearm by the Obama Administration.

But in K’s case, ATF told the agency that it would issue the new handgun to him “as soon as possible,” according to the report.

ATF officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

The report comes as President Donald Trump has faced renewed pressure over gun control measures from the White House.

Trump has also expressed frustration with ATF, which has been the subject of criticism for not enforcing gun laws that are not being enforced by other US agencies.

In a tweet last week, Trump called on the ATF to “immediately rescind their unconstitutional decision and reissue the Glock 19 with a lifetime ban on importation.”

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