Which brand of leather pants are best for women?

Women have a choice of wearing leather pants to work in a range of different places, with the best ones costing up to $300, according to a new study.

They can also opt for some cheaper brands with less functionality, such as the Vans range, which can cost as little as $35, or the leather-lined Levi’s 501, which costs about $40.

The study, carried out by fashion analytics firm FlavourData, also examined how much the brands cost, and found that many women find that the best leather pants work best for them.

The main factors determining the suitability of a pair of leather trousers for you are the quality of the leather, comfort, and fit.

Here are the top five best options for women, according the study.


Levi’s Leather 501 The 501 is the most versatile leather pants in the world, and comes in a wide range of colours and fabrics.

The 501 can be worn with a variety of styles, from plain jeans to chinos.

You can also buy a leather belt or vest, which adds some extra functionality.

The leather fabric is durable and has an excellent feel, so it suits you well when you’re on the go.

Levi is currently rolling out new colours, but there are also a number of other options available.

It comes in three styles, which you can choose from: the black version, which has a grey finish; the brown and white version, with black detailing; and the tan version, where the brown is darker.


Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren’s slim and stylish leather pants, which come in a number other colours and materials, are among the most comfortable leather pants on the market.

They’re lightweight, breathable and have a durable finish.

They’ve been in the fashion scene for years and can also be found in a variety other brands, including Calvin Klein and Burberry.

There are two styles of the 501, the black and white versions, which are both designed for work.

The black version is a casual and casual look, while the white version is for more formal occasions.

It’s also made of 100% nylon.


Burberry The Burberry 501 is a classic and classic look, and the Burberry has a huge range of styles.

There’s a slim, slim fit, which is ideal for casual wear, as well as a slim fit for work, which suits the more formal of Burberry’s clients.

The burberry 501 has a slim and slim fit that is perfect for work and a slim but comfortable fit for casual, while a slim waistband is a good option for the more casual of Burie’s clients, as it provides some comfort and can be adjusted to suit different waist shapes.

The Burie 501 is also made up of 100 per cent nylon.


Zara The Zara 501 is an all-around classic leather pants.

It offers a lightweight fit and great fit for the office and for wearing outside in the rain, so they’ll suit you perfectly.

It has a wide variety of fabrics, which give it a modern feel.

There is also a black version of the Zara, which looks great on a woman who wears jeans, and a tan version for a more masculine look.


Gucci The Gucci 501 is another classic leather pant.

The Guccis leather pants have a slim design and are perfect for formal occasions, but they can also go with any number of styles of clothing, which means they’ll be the perfect choice for women who want to wear casual clothing.

They also come in various fabrics, and include a lightweight and lightweight fit, both for work as well for casual.


Louis Vuitton There are several Louis Vuitchas available, and all are made from 100 per ct leather.

They have a lightweight but durable design and a comfortable fit, so you can wear them comfortably.

They come in many different colours, including black, grey and white.



Crew The J. Crew 501 is designed for women.

It is a slim cut, with a very lightweight fit that can be tailored to fit different waist sizes.

The waistband can be easily adjusted, so your trousers stay on your hips.

The suitability is the same as the Buruches 501, with all three styles offering the same basic comfort.


Levi There are a number styles of Levi’s Levi 501, including a slim-cut, lightweight and light fit.

It can be a great choice for work casual as well.

It also comes in various colours, and has a range to choose from, from black to grey.


Burkinabe The Burkinabes 501 is made up a slim fitting suit, with plenty of flexibility to accommodate different body shapes.

It features a wide array of fabrics to create a versatile garment that is ideal when you are working out, but also when you have a family, like with the Burkinables 501.


Givenchy The Givenchy 501 is perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish

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