Which NFL players are wearing leather shorts?

The NFL is considering banning leather shorts in all leagues.

If approved, the rule would make the NFL the first league in the world to ban shorts that don’t come with a seat belt, according to The Athletic.

The league’s announcement comes on the heels of another rule change, which bans the use of seat belts in all games.

This rule was first announced in 2018, when the NFL introduced a rule that prohibits players from using seat belts during any of the following situations:The NFL is not alone in trying to curb the use in the league.

The NBA and NFLPA have been lobbying to ban the shorts since 2018, after the former banned players from wearing the leather pants during the 2017 season.

In recent years, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made the rule even more stringent by restricting players from leaving the field during the anthem, and instituting fines for players who do so.

The league has also banned players wearing gloves during the game.

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