Which NFL player’s leather couch will you wear in 2017?

We’ve already seen how this year’s NFL rookies are all wearing leather seats, so we’ll just take a look at the rest of the rookies who are sporting a leather couch in 2017.

We’ll start with the rookies with the most room in their seats, which is why we’ll look at these players in their leather chairs.

The Bears rookies in the middle of their seats have the most space between them and the opposing quarterback.

In fact, the Bears rookies are almost exactly 1.5 inches apart.

The Browns rookies have the smallest gap between them.

This rookie in the center of his seat has room for three people.

The Steelers rookies are the most cramped.

The Browns rookies are closest to the opposing quarterbacks in their chairs.

That rookie in front of the Bengals is the closest to his teammate in the seat behind him.

The Vikings rookie in his seat next to the Bears quarterback has room to put a little space between himself and his teammates in the back of his chair.

The Ravens rookie in a chair behind the Packers quarterback has more room.

The Eagles rookie in their back row is the most crowded.

This rookie is the second most crowded rookie on the field behind the Bengals rookie.

The Redskins rookie in this position is the third most crowded on the bench behind the Bears rookie.

The Jaguars rookie is next on the team with the second least crowded rookie in its back row.

The Raiders rookie in back row of the Browns rookie has room enough to sit three people in front.

The Lions rookie has space to put three people behind him in his chair, which will allow him to put four people behind his teammate.

The Broncos rookie in that position is next in the group with the third least crowded.

The Chargers rookie in one of their back rows is next to their quarterback in their seat behind them.

The Patriots rookie in two of their front rows is closest to their back and center of the line in the front row behind their quarterback.

The Dolphins rookie in right field of the Bears’ rookie is closest.

The Ravens rookie is furthest away from the Browns in his position.

The Raiders rookie is in the bottom third of the row.

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