Why I love the boys leather jackets

The boys are all about the sandals.

They love the leather jackets.

They are the ones who get the most excited about the upcoming summer season.

So why is leather jackets so important to them?

We asked these five men, all in their 30s, to tell us why.1.

They’re all on a mission to save the world.

“It’s just about protecting the world,” said 18-year-old Ryan B. “There’s nothing more important than the future of the planet, so I think leather jackets are a way to protect people, to protect our planet.”2.

Leather jackets make them feel like superheroes.

“I love the fact that they are kind of superheroes in a lot of ways.

I’m kind of like Superman, you know?” said 20-year theatrical production assistant Chris G. “I feel like if we could all wear leather jackets we could save the planet.”3.

Leather jacket is the perfect everyday accessory.

“As a person who has lived a lot in my life, and been in a ton of big cities, leather jackets have always been very important to me,” said 14-year production assistant Alex D. “They’re like my favorite kind of shoes to wear, and I really like the fact they can hold up to rain.

And they also look good on a dress, and they look good with a shirt.”4.

Leather is just plain cool.

“To me, leather has a lot more to do with fashion than it does with anything else,” said 10-year creative director Jason C. “It’s cool to be able to wear something and feel comfortable with it, because it’s not just for your looks.

It’s for your soul.”5.

It makes you feel cool.

“For me, it’s just a nice addition to my wardrobe.

Leather and sandals are just a cool combination of styles and materials,” said 8-year film production assistant Matt F. “You can really wear these things in a variety of ways, so there’s no one way to wear them.

They really give you a lot to do.

I love that.”

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