Trump: Women should wear women’s shoes

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP says that women should wear white leather shoes, and women should have a choice in shoes.

Trump said women should be free to wear what they want, and not be judged.

Trump’s comments came after the White House released a new campaign slogan.

The slogan says, “Let Women Be Women.”

Trump said on “Fox & Friends” that he had previously said that women shouldn’t wear shoes, but added that women have a right to wear whatever shoes they want.

Trump told Fox & Friends that “women are not equal to men, and the president has said that, too.”

“I would never say a woman should not wear shoes.

And women are free to do what they wanna do.

I just think it should be on the table,” he said.”

But what I would tell you is, if women are going to be in charge, they have to be free and open to it.

I don’t think it’s fair to say, ‘OK, you can’t wear a pair of shoes, you have to wear a suit.'”

The president also said that men and women have different bodies, and he wants to change that.

He said he thinks “men are the strongest and women are the weakest.

So the stronger they are, the stronger the man is.””

Women are the weaker sex.

That’s what I have been saying.

That was my position.

And now that I’m president, I want women to be stronger than men, because we have the same strengths,” he added.

The president has made other comments that have stirred controversy.

Last month, he said he would make it easier for women to become president.

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