Why you should be wearing leather-wrapped shoes

There’s a whole lot of hype around the leather leather-wearing trend.

But for the most part, it’s been marketed as a way to make shoes that won’t break or break down.

It’s also been called the ultimate comfort for long periods of time.

But a new study from the University of Sydney and published in the journal BMC Public Health, suggests that this is just not the case.

In fact, the study found that, contrary to its claims, leather-based footwear is not an effective way to stay cool and dry.

It found that a leather-clad shoe that was used in a high-stress environment (such as a hotel room) could actually increase the risk of overheating and heatstroke in people.

“We’ve known for a long time that leather-worn shoes are more comfortable than synthetic footwear,” said lead researcher Dr Sarah M. Krawczyk.

“And there’s been a lot of research on that.

But we didn’t really know how well they could protect us from heat stress, how well their comfort really protected us from overheating, and whether the wear patterns were actually good for us.

So we wanted to do some research to see whether they really did reduce heat stress.”

For the study, researchers used a high heat environment to study the effects of wearing a pair of leather-encased shoes in a hotel.

The team also used a temperature sensor in their lab, and collected saliva samples from people who wore a pair.

After being exposed to high temperatures for 20 minutes, participants were then randomly divided into groups of three to wear either a pair or a pair and a non-leather-encase pair.

The researchers measured participants’ sweat levels, body temperature, body composition and their heart rate.

They also collected saliva, blood and urine samples for a second test, which measured blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

They found that wearing a leather jacket or a leather coat significantly increased the amount of saliva and urine collected by participants.

“The results of the study indicate that wearing leather is not as good as you might think for cooling,” Dr Krawczars co-author Dr Yvonne L. Wray said.

“There are some limitations to the study that need to be taken into account.

For example, it was based on a small sample of people, which means the actual number of people using leather might be much higher than what the results actually suggest.

But there are also other limitations.

The data that we gathered may have been affected by other factors that we didn to control for, for example, alcohol consumption.

These may also impact the findings.”

And while the study is not the first to look at this topic, it does give a good indication of what could be possible with the future of leather.

The study also found that people who used leather shoes for prolonged periods of hours at a time were more likely to suffer heat exhaustion.

“Our study also showed that when you use leather-made footwear for long hours at the same time, the risk increases,” Dr Wray told The Huffington Post.

“If you’re going to wear a leather suit, for instance, that may be a good idea.

If you’re not going to, I think it’s more important to wear an air-conditioned suit.”

It is also important to note that wearing this type of footwear in the heat is not always going to be as good a solution.

For starters, the researchers found that leather shoes could actually make it more difficult for people to stay dry.

The problem is, as long as the heat exposure is continuous, the person is not going the right way and is less likely to cool down.

“It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do,” Dr. Wraw said.

The good news is that wearing the leather-inspired shoes in such a high temperature environment is not a bad idea.

The bad news is, it might not work for everyone.

“As long as you’re comfortable in the shoes, you can still feel comfortable with them,” Dr L.W. said.

She said people who wear leather shoes in high temperatures might need to wear gloves to keep the heat from seeping into the shoes.

“You don’t want to put too much pressure on the wrists or ankles, and you don’t have to be careful about how much air you breathe in, so it’s not a really bad idea to wear leather-covered shoes in these conditions,” Dr M.K. said in a statement.

“But if you’re a runner or are in a gym, or you’re in a hospital or something where you have to wear the shoes for a short period of time, then you might want to consider wearing gloves.

This research does show that wearing high-end shoes for long stretches is not necessarily a good thing.”

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