Apple Watch Series 3 Leather Case

Apple Watch series 3, Apple Watch 2, Apple watch 1, Apple product code CSC9B1L1, Apple retail price $229.99, available now, available for preorder at or, are all available in Leather.

This is an all-new leather case for Apple Watch, with leather, leather straps, and leather-wearing accents.

Apple says the leather case is a “premium” option, but we don’t know how much this case costs.

It comes in a choice of two colors: black and white.

Apple has released a number of leather cases over the years.

We’ve included a list of the most prominent ones below, but it’s likely you’ll find a leather case that’s right for you.

Apple Watch Series 2: The Apple Watch is a wearable computer that’s made by Apple and made to work with your iPhone.

You can use it to perform tasks like reading, writing, sending and receiving emails, playing music, or playing games.

Apple’s leather watch case is made to be worn on your wrist and not worn on the watch.

Apple describes the leather watch as “a premium watch” that’s “a luxurious and luxurious fit” but “designed to deliver a premium look.”

The Apple Watch 1: Apple introduced the Apple Watch in September 2014.

The Apple watch is an Android Wear-style smartwatch that’s an Apple product.

You have to use an iPhone to connect to it.

This was a big deal for Apple because it’s a bit more expensive than an Apple Watch.

Apple was able to squeeze a better-looking and better-performing watch into its watch case with the Series 2, which debuted in November 2014.

Leather straps are slightly longer, and the strap is curved to give you a more rounded look and feel.

Apple is also introducing a “new look” to the Apple watch series, with a leather strap that’s more rounded, with the strap now having two curved lines on each side.

Apple also announced a leather watch band that was “designed specifically for Apple Watches,” but we’re not sure what this means for other models, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Apple Band will be included in the Applewatch Series 3.

We’ve also seen a variety of Apple watch bands, including the new leather-lined Apple Watch Band and the leather-wrapped Apple Watch Sport Band, and we’ve even seen the leather strap for the new Apple Watch Style Series.

We’re not 100% sure what Apple Watch bands will look like, but the new straps seem to be much more tailored to the leather band that comes with your Apple Watch as opposed to a plastic or metal band.

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